Irish Dairy Farm Positions - 2021
Agriculture & Primary Industry - Ireland

This is a great opportunity for New Zealanders (or anyone who qualifies for a Working Holiday Visa to Ireland) with experience in dairy farming, to travel to Ireland to work on a dairy farm. Travel is on hold, however we are takign applications for 2021.

NZ Dairy Careers have guaranteed short and long term farm positions In Ireland during their peak season. The busy season in Ireland is mid-January to June. Please note there is some flexibility in dates.

Farms range from 100 - 300 cows and are intensely run operations, so this a fantastic opportunity to master indoor calving and feeding techniques from Irish farmers.

Experience Ireland and the culture, it is sure to be something special and an experience you’ll never forget.

Read about one of last year exchange students experience here,

In Ireland you are met at the airport, your job and accommodation will already be sorted for you. You will be well looked after during your time working in Ireland.

For further information please follow the link to NZ Dairy Careers page;

If this is something you are interested in then please get in touch and apply with your CV. We can sort out a time to discuss this opportunity further.